Betting on sports can be one of the most lucrative things you do at the casino – including online right here at Bovada Sports. We’re in a boom at the moment, with thousands of new players joining every day. But before you start throwing down bets, take a moment to ask yourself these eight questions.

1. What Are You Trying to Get Out of Sports Betting?

It could be purely for entertainment, or you might want to make it your job instead of your hobby.

2. How Are You Going to Achieve Those Goals?

Everyone needs an action plan. You’ll have to set aside a certain number of hours, and if you’re making it a profession, you’ll need to gather some resources.

3. Which Sports Do You Want to Bet On?

Each sport exists in its own little universe with its own betting market. Think about the size of that market and what time zones the games happen in.

4. Do You Know Anything About the Sports in Question?

The more you already know about your chosen sports, the easier it will be for you to succeed – as long as you’re willing to unlearn some things.

5. Do You Understand the Betting Rules?

The mechanics behind placing a bet aren’t always intuitive. Consult the FAQ and the Help section at Bovada Sports to learn more about what kinds of bets you can place and what the various limits are.

6. Have You Budgeted Correctly with a Sufficient Bankroll?

Betting on sports can be profitable, but it’s still gambling, and you should never gamble money you can’t afford to lose. You should have a starting bankroll that’s big enough to divide into units of 100.

7. Do the Minimum/Maximum Deposits and Stakes Suit Your Bankroll?

If you’re a “microstakes” gambler or a super-high roller, cash flow could be an issue if the limits and stakes aren’t right for you.

8. Are the Bonuses and Rewards to Your Satisfaction?

Make sure to check out the deposit bonuses and all the other promotions at Bovada Sports, and don’t forget to collect them if you’re going to bet on sports. Those bonuses will help you build your early bankroll and keep you in the game while you get your feet wet.