NFL SIM CLASSIC I – May 9th – 24th

Crown an NFL Champ



Attention anyone missing live sports: we’ve got virtually non-stop NFL action coming your way — perfect to fill the gap during this break.

From May 9th to May 24th, we’re hosting the first-ever NFL Sim Classic, an action-packed, live broadcasted tournament with over 60 matchups before we crown the Sim Bowl champion.

Real teams, real strategy, and real money is on the table during this ultra-realistic sports sim event, all made possible by the technology behind Madden 20 and Twitch TV. Check out the tournament format below:




  • The Sim Classic combines the NFL season and playoffs with FIFA’s World Cup tournament format.
  • During the Group Round of play, we’re pitting AFC and NFC division rivals against each other, with up to five games broadcast daily from May 9th -19th.
  • Out of each division, two teams will advance to the Quarterfinal Round of 16. From that point forward it’s do-or-die, all the way to the big dance, Sim Bowl I on May 24th.
  • There are tons of ways to bet, including futures, props, live parlays and more.

The Sim Classic is the perfect place to flex your fan muscle, with live chat for the banter and play predictions you and your friends have been missing.

Check the stream below during game times to see the look and feel:



The Sim Classic Shedule Away Home
Group Stage Round 1 Saturday May 9th 10:00 AFC East Miami Dolphins New England Patriots
Saturday May 9th 13:00 AFC East New York Jets Buffalo Bills
Saturday May 9th 16:00 AFC North Cincinnati Bengals Baltimore Ravens
Saturday May 9th 19:00 NFC East Washington Redskins Philadelphia Eagles
Saturday May 9th 22:00 NFC East New York Giants Dallas Cowboys
Sunday May 10th 10:00 AFC North Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers
Sunday May 10th 13:00 NFC North Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers
Sunday May 10th 16:00 NFC North Chicago Bears Minnesota Vikings
Sunday May 10th 19:00 NFC West Arizona Cardinals San Francisco 49ers
Sunday May 10th 22:00 NFC West Los Angeles Rams Seattle Seahawks
Monday May 11th 12:00 AFC South Indianapolis Colts Tennessee Titans
Monday May 11th 15:00 AFC South Jacksonville Jaguars Houston Texans
Monday May 11th 19:00 AFC West Oakland Raiders Denver Broncos
Monday May 11th 22:00 AFC West Los Angeles Chargers Kansas City Chiefs
Tuesday May 12th 12:00 NFC South Tampa Bay Buccaneers Atlanta Falcons
Tuesday May 12th 15:00 NFC South Carolina Panthers New Orleans Saints
Group Stage Round 2 Tuesday May 12th 19:00 NFC East New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles
Tuesday May 12th 22:00 NFC East Washington Redskins Dallas Cowboys
Wednesday May 13th 12:00 AFC East Miami Dolphins Buffalo Bills
Wednesday May 13th 15:00 AFC East New York Jets New England Patriots
Wednesday May 13th 19:00 AFC North Cincinnati Bengals Pittsburgh Steelers
Wednesday May 13th 22:00 AFC North Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens
Thursday May 14th 12:00 NFC North Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings
Thursday May 14th 15:00 NFC North Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers
Thursday May 14th 19:00 NFC West Arizona Cardinals Seattle Seahawks
Thursday May 14th 22:00 NFC West Los Angeles Rams San Francisco 49ers
Friday May 15th 12:00 AFC South Jacksonville Jaguars Tennessee Titans
Friday May 15th 15:00 AFC South Indianapolis Colts Houston Texans
Friday May 15th 19:00 AFC West Los Angeles Chargers Denver Broncos
Friday May 15th 22:00 AFC West Oakland Raiders Kansas City Chiefs
Saturday May 16th 10:00 NFC South Carolina Panthers Atlanta Falcons
Saturday May 16th 13:00 NFC South Tampa Bay Buccaneers New Orleans Saints
Group Stage Round 3 Saturday May 16th 16:00 AFC East Miami Dolphins New York Jets
Saturday May 16th 19:00 AFC East Buffalo Bills New England Patriots
Saturday May 16th 22:00 NFC East Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles
Sunday May 17th 10:00 NFC East Washington Redskins New York Giants
Sunday May 17th 13:00 AFC North Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns
Sunday May 17th 16:00 AFC North Pittsburgh Steelers Baltimore Ravens
Sunday May 17th 19:00 NFC North Detroit Lions Chicago Bears
Sunday May 17th 22:00 NFC North Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers
Monday May 18th 12:00 AFC South Jacksonville Jaguars Indianapolis Colts
Monday May 18th 15:00 AFC South Tennessee Titans Houston Texans
Monday May 18th 19:00 NFC West Arizona Cardinals Los Angeles Rams
Monday May 18th 22:00 NFC West Seattle Seahawks San Francisco 49ers
Tuesday May 19th 12:00 NFC South Carolina Panthers Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tuesday May 19th 15:00 NFC South Atlanta Falcons New Orleans Saints
Tuesday May 19th 19:00 AFC West Los Angeles Chargers Oakland Raiders
Tuesday May 19th 22:00 AFC West Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs
Conference Quarter Finals Wednesday May 20th 12:00 AFC QF2 Houston Texans Pittsburgh Steelers
Wednesday May 20th 15:00 AFC QF3 Baltimore Ravens Indianapolis Colts
Wednesday May 20th 19:00 NFC QF1 Seattle Seahawks Philadelphia Eagles
Wednesday May 20th 22:00 NFC QF4 Dallas Cowboys San Francisco 49ers
Thursday May 21st 12:00 NFC QF3 Chicago Bears Atlanta Falcons
Thursday May 21st 15:00 AFC QF4 New York Jets Los Angeles Chargers
Thursday May 21st 19:00 NFC QF2 New Orleans Saints Minnesota Vikings
Thursday May 21st 22:00 AFC QF1 Kansas City Chiefs New England Patriots
Conference Semi Finals Friday May 22nd 12:00 AFC SF1 LA Chargers Baltimore Ravens
Friday May 22nd 15:00 NFC SF1 Chicago Bears San Francisco 49ers
Friday May 22nd 19:00 AFC SF2 Pittsburgh Steelers New England
Friday May 22nd 22:00 NFC SF2 New Orleans Saints Seattle Seahawks
Conference Finals Saturday May 23rd 15:00 AFC Champ LA Chargers New England
Saturday May 23rd 21:00 NFC Champ San Francisco 49ers New Orleans Saints
Finals Sunday May 24th 15:00 3rd Place LA Chargers San Francisco 49ers
Sunday May 24th 21:00 The Sim Bowl New England Patriots New Orleans Saints






  • Home team for Group Stage decided by previous year’s divisional rankings.
  • Home team for Round of 16 determined by higher seeding.
  • Venues will be neutral for conference semi-finals, finals and tournament championship game.


Group Stage Tiebreakers

  • Head to Head result between teams.
  • Superior points scored/against differential within group play.
  • Total points scored within group play.
  • Longest Field Goal made within group play.
  • Lowest overall Madden rating.


Bet Grading Rules

  • All supposed or real glitches are considered part of the game. No game result will be voided.
  • For pre-game player props, all wagers will have action if the player plays. For 2nd Half player props, all wagers will have action if the player plays in the 2nd Half.
  • All disputes must be made within 10 days of the match being played.
  • If stream is disconnected, game will be paused and re-started when stream can be re-established.
  • If stream cannot be re-established, all incomplete game segments (full game, 2H, etc) will be voided.
  • For tournament team and player futures, a game that has been previously abandoned and voided will be replayed. All stats from the abandoned match will not be counted.
  • There are no ties. Each game must have a winner.


Pre-Match Game Settings

  • CPU Skills are set to Default sliders.
  • Game Skill is set to Rookie.
  • Game is simulated in Simulation mode.
  • Accelerated Clock is on and set to 20 seconds.
  • Weather will be set to Partly Cloudy for all matches
  • Games will be played in daytime or night time display depending on time of match
  • All of the above will be shown when the game broadcast begins prior to kickoff.
  • Rosters are current as per the end of the 2019-2020 season and EA. However if Madden forces a roster update to the game then we’ll be forced to update along with it and the tournament will continue with all wagers having action.